segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2009


Liberties and constraints during the transition process of the Romanian Cultural Industries é um texto de Octavian Stireanu, fundador do Clube de Imprensa Romeno, sobre direitos de autor e indústrias culturais e publicado pelo Instituto de Economia Nacional na sua revista Romanian Journal of Economics (volume 29, 2(38) (Dezembro), páginas 55-84. Diz o abstract o seguinte:
  • The study analyses main economic, social and political problems concerning the transformation process of the editing, printing and publishing sector in Romania, as an important part of CORE copyright-based industries during the transition to market mechanisms. A series of economic, financial, institutional, social and political aspects of this sector are presented from the viewpoint of its well-functioning in a democratic society, in accordance with EU standards and sustainable development needs. It points out the way of optimal combination between economic contribution of the sector and its sound educational role for the whole society, trying to answer the question if free market does generate genuine free publishing activities.

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