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Call for papers Popular Fictions: Selling Culture? (Association for Research in Popular Fictions, Liverpool John Moores University), Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November 2010.

We welcome papers considering popular narratives or cultural practices across any media (film, television, graphic novel, radio, print, cartoons and other narrative art, online), historical period and genre. Topics for this conference might include, but are not limited to: Book clubs and reading groups, Online discussions and communities, Fandom and cult media, Interactive fictions, Cultural industries and the production of culture, Cultural policy, cultural texts, Nineteenth-century serialisation, The bestseller, Interactive audiences, Syndication, Lending / renting commodities (e.g. the iPlayer and other IPTV), Consumption and lifestyle, Merchandising and collecting, Product placement in popular narrative, Popular fictions as multi-platform brands, Long format TV, 3D and other immersive media, Children’s fictions, Online and multiplayer gaming, Copyright and format, 360-degree commissioning, Christmas books and specials, Content not conduit, Advertising and narrative, Selling science fiction and fantasy, Promotion and the author.

Please contact: Nickianne Moody, convenor for ARPF, Liverpool John Moores University, Dean Walters Building, St James Road, Liverpool L1 7BR, U.K. Email:; Fax: +44 (0)151 643 1980. Calls for specific panels will be announced via the Association for Research in Popular Fictions website. Labels: CFP, Conferences, popular culture.

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