domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010


  • As ‘creativity’ and ‘creative work’ have become buzzwords for progress, so the cultural and creative industries have become an instrumental feature of national economic and cultural policies. Most recently, cultural, artistic and creative labour has been identified as leading the transition to a more fluid, affective and converged ‘innovation’ economy, where cultural work is valued more for its ability to diffuse ideas and ‘creative energies’ than for its intrinsic value, or for its (potentially) socially transformative or redemptive potential.
Organisers: Mark Banks and Stephanie Taylor (CRESC, Open University), Rosalind Gill and Andy Pratt (Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries Research, King’s College, London). Date: Monday 7 June 2010. Venue: Open University London Regional Centre, Camden. Keynote speakers: David Hesmondhalgh, Georgina Born, Mark Deuze, Melissa Gregg (final list TBC).

Call for Papers: send to until April 9th.

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