sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010


O British Council, o Institute of Ideas e a Culturgest apresentam o debate Just what are the arts good for? Afinal para que serve a Arte?, no Pequeno Auditório da Culturgest no dia 6 de Outubro, das 18:30 às 20:00 (Rua Arco do Cego, Piso 1). A entrada é livre, mas os bilhetes deverão ser levantados na bilheteira da Culturgest (ao lado do Pequeno Auditório) 30 minutos antes do início do debate.

Can the slogan, art for art’s sake, mean anything without a language that allows us to talk seriously about the arts? Must they rebrand themselves as more directly useful in order to justify funding and attention? Speakers: Angus Kennedy head of external relations, Institute of Ideas, chair, IoI Economy Forum; Augusto Mateus, professor, ISEG, former Minister of the Economy, report author of The Cultural and Creative Sector in Portugal; Jorge Silva Melo, artistic director of Artistas Unidos, co-founder of Teatro da Cornucópia; Miguel Wandschneider, curator, contemporary art, Culturgest. Chair: Claire Fox, director, Institute of Ideas, panellist, BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze.

Just what are the arts good for? is organised by the Institute of Ideas in partnership with Culturgest and in association with the British Council Lisbon. This discussion takes place in the run up to the Institute of Ideas’ sixth, annual two-day Battle of Ideas Festival. With over 70 Sessions, 350 influential and high-profile speakers, and over 2,000 people expected to attend, the Battle of Ideas aims to foster lively and thought-provoking debate on ideas shaping today’s society. This year’s festival covers a large range of topics including: politics, health and social issues, culture, international affairs, scientific evidence and education. Our satellite events, which include Just what are the arts good for? take place all over the UK, and internationally. For a full list of speakers, see: The Battle of Ideas Festival will take place 30 October and 31 October 2010 at the Royal College of Art, London. For tickets and more information, please visit: Battle Satellites are public discussions in which the audience is fully involved: not lectures or seminars; but conversations. The panel begins the discussion with opening remarks, then the audience joins in with comments and challenges as well as questions. The intellectual pressure is on speakers and audiences alike to understand the issues in question.

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