quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010


Public Relations are an exciting and growing field throughout Europe. It is critical that future PR practitioners develop the knowledge and the skills to be able to work in a fast changing international environment. This is why a consortium of European universities and higher education institutes has created and develop a Master in European Public Relations – MARPE.

This consortium consists of the following universities: 1) Belgium: Artevelde University College Opleiding Communicatiemanagement, Gent, 2) France: Université Nancy 2, Institut Universitaire d'Professionnalisé Ingénierie de l'Information et de la Communication de Lorraine, Nancy, 3) France: Université de Bordeaux 3, Bordeaux, 4) Netherlands: Hogeschool van Utrecht, Faculty of Communication and Journalism, School of Communication and Management, Utrecht, 5) Portugal: INP – Instituto Superior de Novas Profissões, Lisbon, 6) Spain: Universidad Cardenal Herrera - CEU, Valencia, 7) Sweden: Lund Universitet, Department of Communication Studies, Lund, 8) UK: Stirling University, Department of Film, Media and Journalism, Scotland, 9) Romania: University of Bucharest, Bucharest.

MARPE is a comprehensive educational programme which includes two semesters of highly specialised courses and a final dissertation. MARPE is committed to the concepts of “applied learning” and “progressive problems solving”. The program can currently be achieved in English, French or Spanish / Portuguese. In the case of Iberian Line the students will attend in the first semester at Universidad Cardenal Herrera - CEU, Valencia and II semester INP – Instituto Superior de Novas Profissões. The Semester III will be dedicating to the construction of the dissertation. The University Master Diploma will be a Join Diploma.

Besides this presence in two different countries, allowing the student to a living knowledge of two cultural, social and politics realities, the students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the Spanish and Portuguese language. Some of the European students already know the competitive advantage that knowing the Spanish and Portuguese language are, but some of other are not aware to this reality: 1) 740 millions of persons speak Spanish and Portuguese, 2) these are the language speak on the entire South of America, 3) the Hispanic community are so relevant on the USA, that no candidate to USA President ignore that community, 4) the Spanish and Portuguese language are the 2nd and 3rd European language more spoken on the word, 5) the Spanish language are one of the 6 official language of the UN, 6) use the Portuguese language we have the 5th large country by population: Brazil with 192 million people, and the 5th word economic power. Thats why know the Spanish and Portuguese language are truly a competitive advantage in our days. Any information please contact: Susana de Carvalho or Maria José Solaz Gonzalez, Coordinators of MARPE – Iberian Line (susanacarvalho@inp.pt, mjsolaz@uch.ceu.es, www.mastermarpe.eu, www.inp.pt, www.uch.ceu.es).

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