quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011


"Analogue terrestrial television broadcasts in Spain ceased on 3 April 2010, almost two years ahead of European States with a predominantly terrestrial broadcasting model like the Spanish one (as is the case for Italy, France and the United Kingdom). In contrast, the digitalisation process of terrestrial radio is in a completely stagnant state in Spain, as it is in most other European countries" [Isabel Fernández Alonso, Montse Bonet, Josep Àngel Guimerà, Mercè Díez e Federica Alborch (2010). "Spanish Public Broadcasting. Defining traits and future challenges following analogue television switch-off". Observatório (OBS*) Journal, vol.4 - nº3 (2010), 301-318, http://www.portalcomunicacion.com/opc/download/obs_pdf.pdf, acessed today].

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