terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011


Exposing Exhibition is a one-day conference that, following the triennial meeting by ICOM-CC held in Lisbon this year, aims to be an extended place for reflecting on issues concerning tangible and intangible heritage, particularly in relation to contemporary art. Exposing Exhibition seeks to address diverse strategies of presentation and preservation of contemporary artworks and the mutual influence between them. By bringing together a multidisciplinary panel, different perspectives are integrated into a broad discussion around the vicissitudes and potentialities of investigating, curating, preserving and producing contemporary art, underlining the interdisciplinary character of many projects and case studies. Communications will draw from issues concerning methodologies of investigation (namely practice based and the ethnographic approach); relations between exhibition and documentation; decision-making processes (ethical implications and the sharing or shifting authority); revision of conservation and curatorial paradigms; the challenges of new media for the conservation and curatorship of contemporary art; prospecting the museum of the future. Read more here.

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