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Ankara - August 2-6, 2010

Maps of Dialogue - Spaces and Dimensions for the Integration of Regional Cultures

This workshop aims at discussing the emergence of regional identities and cultures - either in subnational or supranational scales - and the roles they assume in the dynamics involving global, national and local instances. Although not restricted to such focus, it particularly intends to examine the dimensions that favour the interaction of regional spheres: from ways or landscapes as convergence of diversity - routes to roots, the shortest distance between myriads of distinct traditions, a collective of regional identities - to vectors like media, science, language, literature, music, cinema, and many others. And finally, it also has the objective of reflecting on the real or imagined boundaries that shape regional cultures and identities in a world of increasing mobility of people and ideas.

Abstracts must be submitted to Fernando Kuhn (swocean@hotmail.com) until April 15, 2010.
(For other sessions, please visit the conference website - http://issei2010.haifa.ac.il/).

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