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2nd Edition - Lisbon - 24, 25th March 2011
Organizer: ISCSP/ CAPP

From the Listener to the e-listener: Multimedia Radio, ISCSP, Lisbon, March 24-25, 2011

Abstract submission: December 1st, 2010
Acceptance notification: mid January, 2011
Full Papers: March 1st, 2011

The R@dio Conference, organized by CAPP at Institute of Political and Social Sciences (CAPP/ISCSP) invites participation in its 2nd annual conference. The theme of this year's conference encourages the submission of presentations on:
- The sense of community in music and radio
Concerning community radio and radio alternatives, as for business models, frequencies and regulation; online music communities, innovative online experiences with music and artists, social media and community radio.
- Branding, music and radio
Analyzing live music and branding opportunities; music on social networks; social gathering through music; online radio social networking platforms, microblogging, audio/music communities, platforms and innovation communities (case studies).
- Audience studies, survey strategies and online metrics
Presenting works on technology as a powerful tool to find and track audiences; social media metrics, ethnographical methods, visualizations, etc.
- From the spot and the banner to the user-generated content: advertising and branded content
Considering product placement and branded content as a global tendency; analyzing new compelling promotional formats.

Submission Format: R@dio is an English speaking international conference and all abstracts must be submitted in English. The abstract length can be up to 500 words. All abstracts will be reviewed according to the following criteria: the research question, justification of topic of research and relevance, description of method, originality, the summary of the results.

Please use the following template for your abstract submission (one paragraph for each criteria and include the keywords in the beginning of each paragraph):
Research Question:
Justification of topic of research:
Methods & Relevance:
Summary of results:
Incomplete abstracts with respect to the formal criteria above will probably be rejected. Paper presentations last 15 minutes followed by moderated discussion.

Review Process
All abstracts are scored in a double blind peer reviewing system by The R@dio Conference Scientific Committee according to the criteria mentioned in the submission format.

The scientific committee is in charge of the final decisions based on the reviews. The scientific committee members for R@dio 2011 are:

Paula Cordeiro - Institute of Political and Social Sciences, Portugal
Sónia Sebastião - Institute of Political and Social Sciences, Portugal
Gustavo Cardoso - ISCTE, Portugal
Francisco Rui Cádima - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Rogério Santos - Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
Brian O' Neill - Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Guy Starkey - University of Sunderland, UK
Stanislaw Jedrzejewski - Communication and Societies Study Centre of University of Minho/Kozminski University of Warsaw
Angeliki Gazi - Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Jean-Jacques Cheval - Université de Bordeaux, France
Peter Lewis - London Metropolitan University, UK

The program committee invites presenters from the private sector, government, regulators and academia. The quality is maintained by a double blind peer reviewing system.

The R@dio Conference is innovative in all aspects. Theme, structure and organization:
- This theme has never been approached in any congress, neither national nor international;
- It comes from a new concept which gives the title to the congress: R@dio
- Online platforms will be used to bring together guests and participants, through video-conference and online transmissions;
- There will be permanent updates in social networks: Facebook and Twitter
- Record of the proceedings will be made available in e-book form, as well as podcasts of all the sessions.

The purpose of the Conference:
- To bring together professionals and researchers
- To present successful cases, radio, music and internet related strategies
- To discuss strategies for the future of radio, music and the Internet

The program for the congress is organized in three distinct areas, with a structure of debates and talks:
- The digital strategies of radio and the music industry
- The future of radio and music in the Internet
- Multimedia convergence as a technical and human challenge

- This congress will bring together professionals from various areas of the media, academics and students from the major universities with courses in communication both from Portugal and abroad.

Contact Details
Conference website, programm, abstract submission, workshops:

Important Dates
1. Abstract submission: December 1st, 2010
2. Preliminary program: available by mid November, 2010
3. Early registration: January, 2011
4. Deadline for presentation upload: March 01, 2011
-Papers or presentations which have not been submitted in full by March 01, 2011 will be excluded from the final program

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