domingo, 2 de fevereiro de 2014

Public Service Broadcasters and Press Freedom

"A brief update on the state of public service media in Greece: the Hellenic Public Service Broadcaster ERT continues to broadcast under a self-governing system, run by around 700 former employees, after its forced shut down on June 11, 2013. It provides programmes around the clock accessible mainly through but also short waves, satellite, and in Western Greece through the analogue signal. It continues to attract significant numbers of viewers and listeners, exceeding any expectation in terms of internet access and usage to access ERT programmes and in terms of longevity. Please note, the former ERT employees are unpaid. The interim 'Public Television' run by the Ministry of Finance operates two channels. The media landscape in Greece is at this moment one of near-complete privatisation, since the public service broadcasting system has been hit. Last Thursday, January 30, the ORF, the Austrian Public Service Broadcaster together with the University of Vienna and the representation of the European Parliament in Austria hosted a public screening of the Documentary The Lost Signal of Democracy, which records the politics and interests around the ERT shut down. (More information on the documentary and how to order it here: The panel discussion that followed featured the Regisseur, Yiorgos Avgeropoulos, MEP Dimitrios Droutsas, Christa Hofman ORF and myself. The discussion took place in German and English (but not translated), and you can watch it here: ERT prepared a 5 minutes reportage for those of you with Greek language skills, and you can watch it here: If you are interested in this case and even for teaching purposes I include several analytical pieces in my blog:

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