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Catarina Lira Pereira
Gilberto & Gabriel Colaço
Sets #3
June 12 - July 11, 2008

Reception: Thursday, June 12th from 6 -8 PM

  • As an artist, Catarina Lira Pereira explores cartoon images, and then renovates them. With lines and patterns, she covers up the image thus imbuing the remainder with a certain degree of inconsequence. Inspired by each image that she encounters, Lira Pereira proceeds to invade and occupy it as if she were claiming her own space within it. During this process, she gives preference and prominence to the aspects that she wants to integrate into the final revelation of her perspective. The interaction of memory and oblivion in her paintings give shape to a game of revelation and concealment in which a monochromatic field veils a battalion of colors or vice versa. Every element of her works takes part in this interaction. In Lira Pereira's oeuvre, everything is relative because everything is conditioned, contradicted, accentuated and supported.

    In order to describe the work of twins Gabriel and Gilberto Colaço, one must talk about the act of invasion and competition. In each work, each artist competes for his own space to maneuver and make his own. The confrontation in itself makes the process and the final product an enjoyable experience for both. On the other hand, the close connection between the brothers brings about a common vocabulary of a repeated color palette and a very peculiar form of fragmentation and distortion. The subject of their works can range from close friends to unusual objects, but the common thread in their oeuvre is the play of interference and compromise between two artists.

    In Sets #3, the three artists manage and combine the concepts of form, color, destruction, reconstruction, rhythm, and order. In each work included in this exhibition, every one of these concepts is dealt with as a game.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10-6 PM

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