segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009


Song: The North Star Grassman And The Ravens

"They stood upon the deck / As the ship went out to sea. / The wind it took the sails / And left the land a memory. / All upon the shore for / To wonder why the sailor goes. / All to close their eyes / And wonder what the sailor knows. / That is you to them, / That is how they think you are. / Never on the land, / But sailing by the north star. / To the tower and to the ravens / And the tale that hopes they'll never leave. / What if they should go? / We always dread to think of them. / I wonder if they flew one day / And no-one ever knew they'd gone / To circle over ships at sea, / Claiming yet another son. / That is you to me, / That is where I think you are. / Never on the land, / But gone to find the north star".

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