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The Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) seeks proposals from individuals and institutions interested in hosting the biannual “Crossroads in Cultural Studies” conference in 2012.

Founded in 2002, the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) aims at forming and promoting an effective worldwide community of cultural studies. It is intended as a tool for building strong interdisciplinary and transnational connections by offering meaningful meeting places for the great diversity of committed scholars in this field. The ACS helps establish, maintain and strengthen contacts between cultural studies scholars and workers across different disciplines and within as well as between the different countries and regions of the world, by spreading information and encouraging collaborative work, facilitating the creation and linking of local, national and regional cultural studies groups.

The most important event ACS organizes to achieve these objectives is the Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conferences, which were started in 1996 in Tampere, Finland. Although cultural studies was becoming increasingly international and multi-centered – or rather centerless because of its virtual nature – cultural studies people had scarce opportunities to see each other, to exchange ideas and to socialize. The Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conferences were designed to fill this gap in the cultural studies community.

The Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conferences are not organized around specific themes. Subthemes inform plenary and spotlight sessions and individual panels. The 2010 Crossroads conference will be held in Hong Kong. Previous locations include: Tampere, Finland;  Birmingham, England; Urbana, Illinois, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Kingston, Jamaica.

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