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July, 12-19, 2010

Bitola, Macedonia Hosted by COMMUNIS and International Slavic Institute in Bitola, Macedonia

The International organization for research, training and development COMMUNIS is pleased to announce a five days international and multidisciplinary conference dedicated to the Language of Communication. We are welcoming broad participants, including researchers, educators, students, professors, NGO representatives and other interesting institutional representatives to present their papers, to share their research results and to discuss in all offered topics and sessions. This conference will focus the various types of communications (interpersonal, nonverbal, mass-communications, organizational etc.) between people, groups and organizations in general and the education, economy, history, politics, electronic media, arts (performing art especially) as a part of particular sciences.

The interactivity in those fields of interests enters the aspects of interdisciplinary which is generating new context and completely different observation of the problems and situations not recognizable before. Also, The Language of Communication is a kind of understanding the tendency of cross-culturality as very important and very attractive research point for the modern scientists. Topics of the conference:

1. Mass media and Political Communication
2. Gender and Communication
3. Public opinion and Communication
4. The Rhetoric of Violence
5. Media and Children Education
6. Voting in Transitional Countries (Media Approach)
7. New Media and Former Communists Countries
8. Politics, Nationalism and Media
9. Interculturality and Racism
10. Religion and Media
11. TV and Early Children Education
12. Electoral Campaign and Media
13. Film and Politics
14. Interculturalism and Domestic Politics
15. Family Communications in Eastern and Western European Countries

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