quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010


ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal (6 July 2010).

The increasing centrality of the Internet has made it the focus of policy and regulatory initiatives around the world. Members of the World Internet Project are building on their collaborative network to identify and track key policy developments around the world in ways that can capture trends and better inform debate aimed at avoiding the over- or under-regulation of one of the most important information and communication technology developments of the digital age.

This workshop in Lisbon will be the first organized around the World Internet Policy Project (WIP2), and will be linked to the annual World Internet Project meetings that will follow immediately after the workshop.

The organizers of the workshop invite abstracts of papers or presentations from among but also beyond the WIP membership, who wish to participate in this first workshop. Proposed papers or presentations would be welcomed on such topics as:

- freedom of expression
- privacy and data protection
- copyright and intellectual property

Organizers include: Gustavo Cardoso, LINI – Lisbon Internet and Networks Institute; William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute; and Jeffrey Cole, Centre for the Digital Future (USC).

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