quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010


The Fashion Media: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow conference brings together the leading minds and voices in fashion research and practice to explore and debate the key issues facing fashion imagery and communications today and consider them in relation to historical and future media cultures.

Programmed by Dr. Djurdja Bartlett and Prof. Penny Martin of London College of Fashion and held at the John Princes Street site over two days (21-22 October 2010), the conference is structured around a series of provocative, 20-minute 'position' papers. These focus on themes such as questions of national identity in historic magazine culture; masculinity and criminality in male dress; ethnicity and propriety in fashion representation; quality control in digital innovations and the future of online fashion. Recognising the burgeoning research interest in fashion media among undergraduate and postgraduate students, there will also be a Pecha Kucha session for postgraduate students and early career researchers to present their projects.

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