quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010


Session 2: Digital business models
This session looks at the digital radio market, including DAB, internet and mobile, and identifies successful business models. Most experts agree that success can only be achieved if there is a partnership between public service and commercial channels. What is the added value of digital radio and is it worth the investment? How does third-party provision (multiplexes and ISPs) change radio business? What do internet and mobile bring to radio? How could we pay for digital radio? Where will the money come from? How might digital radio affect our business model? How should we react? Who is making a success?

•Joan Warner (Commercial Radio Australia)
•Dan D'Aversa (RTL)
•Francis Goffin (Director of Radio, RTBF)
•Chris Goldson (Absolute Radio, UK)

Session 3: Switchover - (when) will it happen?
Why go digital? Is the present content and distribution not adequate? Is digital a new market or a new distribution method? Do we need analogue switch-off or can 'the market provide' on its own? Is there a third-way, e.g. state incentives for a new market? How do regulators see it? What do the EU Commission think? How successful are initiatives like analogue radio scrappage schemes? How can we make digital radio happen across Europe?

•J.P. Coakley (Director of Operations, RTÉ)
•Rashid Arhab (CSA France)
•Ford Ennals (Chief Executive, Digital Radio UK)
•Francesco De Domenico (President, RaiWay)

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