sábado, 28 de dezembro de 2013

5th International Audiovisual Research Conference: Technology and Applied Digital Contents, Madrid, Spain

ESNE, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Innovación [Avenida de Alfonso XIII, 97, Madrid], together with Icono 14, undertake the organization of the 5th International Audiovisual Research Conference: Technology and Applied Digital Contents. The objective of this edition is to deepen, discuss and think over the audiovisual industry in its full complexity, particularly addressing to the new realities arising by technological development and new forms of digital contents.

The Conference potential lies in the diversity of all presentations, covering the area in which all actors in the audiovisual process are carried out – creators, broadcasters, media, authorities and audiences. This 5th International Audiovisual Research Conference aims to be an opportunity of scientific and academic analysis of this growing sector from an international, university and professional point of view, with attention paid to the audiovisual sector and its impact on both the educational and socioeconomic point of view. In realm of this 5th Conference is to deal thoroughly new digital contents and implement new communication dynamics, based in technological and natural development of the audiovisual sector.

Researchers are invited to present communication proposals in any of the thematic areas suggested by the organisation.

Legal and business regulation policies of broadcasting media. Professional profiles and Jobs at present-day audiovisual era. Technology and new languages in broadcasting media. Local, regional, national and international broadcasting ecosystems. New formats in audiovisual media and on the net. New audiovisual media theories, concepts, paradigms and approaches. Mass-media audiences and effects. Dissemination of audiovisual media scientific research. Audiovisual media ethics: self-regulation codes and European Directive. Analysis and semiotics of audiovisual and multimedia discourses. New audiovisual investigation techniques and methods. New players in audiovisuals: Audiovisual clusters and councils. Social Audio Visual. New audiovisual financing options. Transmedia storytelling. Second Screen and impact of the multi-tasking viewer. User Generated Contents. Radio challenges for the Twenty-First Century. Gamification of audiovisual consumption. Challenges for cinema and its business model.

Digital contents
Cultural industries: economic, social and aesthetic aspects. Education and media (Edumedia). Copyright and intellectual property. Audiovisual storytelling and hipermedia: structure, semantics, poetics, rethorics and pragmatics. Interactive multimedia contents. New ad strategies. The power of the digital consumer. Traditional journalism vs. content aggregation. The new book 3.0. YouTube generation Video games as the basis for new information technology. Revival of animation in the Twenty-First Century. Social and empathic video games or how gaming can rejuvenate an aging society. Self-editing / Content creation and editing.

Big data and audiovisual content consumption. Internationalization vs. Regionalization. Digital marketing platform. Smartphones, phablets, tablets. Device challenges for consumption of digital content. Cloud distribution platforms. The Revolution of digital and audiovisual content streaming. New models for the distribution of literature industry. Ubiquitous computing and its impact on content consumption and Access.

5th December 2013. Further information about the Conference will be available at the official website.
5th December 2013. Online registration for the Conference is now open
30th January 2014. Abstracts reception deadline
5th February 2014. Communication date for abstracts acceptance or rejection.
6th February 2014. Accepted abstracts publication at the Conference web page.
15th March 2014. Due date to send the full paper text.
22th March 2014. Accepted papers publication.
1st April 2014. Inscription fees payment due date.
24th April 2014. Conference Opening.

To know more: http://congresoaudiovisual.esne.es/