terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014

Television News Channels

"Looking at the markets for news, the channels available and the importance of news programmes in 38 countries, this report highlights several interesting trends regarding the access to, and use of news for European citizens, both EU members and prospective EU members. Receiving news from a variety of reliable sources is fundamental to the process of information-gathering, decision-making and opinion forming of European citizens. Pan-European and International news channels are expected to provide an international focus on news, to present more news about the rest of the world and to mirror the globalisation of business and international co-operation. In particular, channels such as Euronews aim to cover world news from a pan-European perspective, and also reflect the integration of governance and economics at the EU level. Without doubt, the most important international news channels in terms of distribution and presence throughout Europe are CNN International, BBC World News, RT (Russia Today), Al Jazeera (English) and Euronews (English). These are followed by France 24 in English and Deutsche Welle (see Part I)" (source: Television News Channels in Europe, October 2013).


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