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Future past: will archives survive digitisation?

By  February 27, 2018

"The evolution of preserving analogue through digital means is a recurrent subject and of great importance to the future of archiving. Do the people working in the archives have the relevant skills required for the future, especially in long term data storage solutions, metadata management? This is one of the challenges which British audiovisual institutions have progressively addressed over the last decades. Sue Malden (chair of FOCAL) highlighted a few of these challenges in her introduction speech during the FOCAL conference on February 21st 2018. Set in the London Studios in ITV headquarters, the conference reflected on the future challenges audiovisual archives face. This was brought by professionals and members of British broadcasting and cinematographic institutions. It’s time to gain a wider insight in the uncertainty of the future of audiovisual archiving. The main speakers of the conference were Steve Daly (Head of Technology at the BBC Archive), Dale Grayson (Director of Content Management at ITV), Charles Fairall (Head of Conservation at the BFI National Archive) and finally Tom Blake(Director of Imagen). All of them spoke about the changes and challenges their institutions face" (EU Screen Blog).

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